Our Products

Buttery Soft Organic Bamboo

Our products are lovingly designed in Singapore and manufactured with the highest quality bamboo fabric making our pieces luxuriously soft, lightweight, breathable, durable and comfortable.

Bamboo is perfect for your little one’s delicate skin and highly beneficial for soothing sensitive skin conditions like eczema. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it gently wicks away excess moisture four times faster than cotton, keeping your little one cool and comfortable with its temperature regulating properties. Our products are OEKO-TEX® certified to be free of harmful chemicals, bleaches and other irritants.

OEKO-TEX® certified means that every single component of our finished product including the thread, button, zipper and lining is being separately tested to be safe, healthy and free of toxic substances that are hazardous to the human skin and our environment.

As parents, we only want all the goodness surrounding our children.


Whimsical and playful yet timeless designs

Our designs stem from our understanding and experience from raising our children. They are thoughtfully crafted with your family’s wellbeing in mind with attention put into every detail, fit, functionality and safety. Every zipper and fastener has been carefully pondered over and each product has been consciously evaluated before offering to our customers.

Our premium bamboo fabric choice and product design is made to stand the test of time and for everyday living giving your little one comfort while taking them through their daytime adventures all the way to their bedtime snuggles.

Only the best is brought to your family. From fabric to fit, functionality to safety, palettes to prints; our timeless and modern designs are purposefully crafted with touches of playful and whimsical elements evoking a sense of innocence and wonder. Just like our children.


Special Features

Kimono-style bodysuits - Wrap openings for easy dressing made simple for parents especially for younger babies without having to lift and squeeze your precious one’s delicate head through tight collars.

No irritating tags on our clothes - Our heat transfer labels and washing instructions are printed seamlessly at the back of every product to eliminate any chance of skin irritation. Please do note that the printed label is delicate and may fall off after washing. It does not constitute a defect of our products.

Double-layered sleep sacks - Unmatched quality sleep sacks which are highly breathable, soft and comfortable giving your little one and your family a restful and safe night sleep.

Dual zipper detail - Providing ultimate convenience for parents to change diapers without needing to fully undress your little one.

Zipper guard - Maximum comfort and added protection is given to your little one with this safety fold ensuring that the zip is contained and your baby’s skin is protected against any abrasion while adorning our products.

Soft and stretchable - Our luxuriously soft bamboo fabric stretches comfortably while retaining its durability as your baby leaps through rapid growth spurts.



We are committed to protecting our earth for our next generation. Bamboo is in fact a type of grass - it regenerates quickly and is grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is 100% bio-degradable and sustainable.

It is natural, safe and the best choice for our children.

We are proud to be a conscious company. We offer biodegradable packaging for our products.