Dive into the magical underwater world with this charming collection inspired by enchanting creatures of the sea! Splash around with playful dolphins, swim with majestic whales, glide with enchanting narwhals, drift with shimmering jellyfish, weave between intricate reefs and plunge into the depths of the ocean as vast and wide as your little one’s imagination. Buttery soft organic bamboo in shades of Seafoam, Surf, Mauve, Sand and Mist evoke the mesmerizing hues of the ocean, while whimsical prints and playful appliques celebrate the diversity and beauty of marine life. Whether it’s a luxuriously soft playsuit adorned with whales or pearls, a feathery light twirl-worthy dress with playful ruffles in our magical shades, or an exceptionally soft bamboo pillow embellished with a mesmerizing array of marine life, this collection invites your little ones to discover the wonders of the ocean with every wear.