Why Did We Choose Bamboo

Thermo-regulating and breathable

The bamboo fabric is naturally thermo-regulating and wicks away moisture 4 times faster than cotton, keeping your little one comfortable and cosy in both tropical climates and suitable for layering in cooler temperatures. The fabric fibres of bamboo have micro spaces in between that allows for more air ventilation keeping your child cool, fresh and clean throughout the day and night.

Incredibly soft, smooth and lightweight

Buttery soft and milky smooth, wearing bamboo pieces makes your little one extra snuggly and cuddly as the natural weave in the bamboo fabric is stretchy, luxuriously soft to the touch and smooth against their skin. Bamboo is the least abrasive fabric due to its fibres being round and naturally smooth with no sharp spurs.

Durable and made to last

Bamboo yarns are long and strong which makes garments more durable. They also have an astounding strength and lifespan while remaining lightweight, making it highly suitable for fabrication of garments.

Slight pilling is normal for natural organic bamboo fibres, but can be reduced through proper care and does not affect the durability or the softness and quality of the clothing.

Our pieces are crafted with the highest quality organic bamboo fabric and with thoughtful care, they can remain soft and long-lasting, worn over and over and can be passed on again and again.

Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Bamboo has antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities that makes it perfect for your little one’s delicate baby skin and highly beneficial for soothing sensitive skin conditions like eczema. By nature, Bamboo resists bacterial growth and its threads are silky and smooth, which reduces skin irritation against a baby’s delicate skin.


We are committed to protecting our earth for our next generation. Bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable resources as it grows fast and has a yield 10 times faster than cotton. It is in fact a type of grass - regenerating quickly and is grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo is 100% natural, bio-degradable and also self-propagating; where it regenerates from its own root not requiring to be replanted.

OEKO-TEX® certified 

All our bamboo essentials are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. This means that every single component of our finished product including the thread, button, zipper and lining is being separately tested for harmful substances including pesticides, carcinogenic colourants and heavy metals and have met the strictest requirements to be absolutely free from toxic chemicals, bleaches and other irritants and are safe and healthy for the human skin and our environment.



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