Get to Know Our Signature Sleep Sacks

Introducing a Sleep Sack to your Little One

When your little one has outgrown their swaddle, naturally parents will turn to blankets to keep them warm and secure through the night. However, did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend that babies under the age of 12 months sleep with any loose bedding, quilts or comforters as these could increase the risk of entrapment, suffocation or strangulation? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of death in babies under the age of 12 months and it is important that we do whatever we can to reduce the risk of SIDS while keeping our precious little one cosy and comfortable.


Creating a Safe Sleep Environment

What do you do when your baby graduates from swaddling then? At 3 or 4 months, your little one is growing up fast - that little body (especially those chubby arms) are fast gaining strength and exploring motion. The possibility of them rolling over when they are sleeping makes it dangerous to swaddle them. Transitioning your baby from the swaddle may be difficult at first especially for babies who still have strong Moro reflexes, but most babies adjust well within a week or two.

Our sleep sacks are meticulously designed with sleep safety in mind providing a safe sleep environment as an alternative to loose blankets. It’s a wearable blanket that keeps your little one warm and cosy at night, yet gives their little arms the freedom of motion to lift their little body and head to ensure that they do not suffocate or get stuck in a position when they are in bed. Our sleep sack snugly adheres to your little one’s body to reduce any risk of suffocation from loose bedding. It also prevents those little legs from getting stuck between cribs slats!

After dressing your little one into These Tiny Things sleepsuit, gently place them in our sleep sack and zip it up (giving lots of kisses while doing so!). As this forms an integral part of your bedtime routine, it provides the perfect sleep cue for your baby. Your baby may yawn and their little eyes may start to gently flutter as they drift off to dreamland. In fact, many parents love taking our sleep sacks along while traveling as it provides a familiar sleep environment helping their babies to sleep so much easier due to the positive sleep association.


What makes our Sleep Sack stand out?

Our sleep sack is crafted with the highest quality bamboo fabric that is buttery soft and plush yet incredibly breathable, keeping your little one warm and comfortable all night long. Not only is it perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, bamboo naturally regulates the temperature, ensuring that your little one is kept in comfortable temperature. Our sleep sack is available in 0.5 TOG which is well suited for 23-26°C (the ambient room temperature where your little one sleeps) - it keeps your baby cool at room temperature and warm when the air-conditioner.

*TOG is essentially the warmth rating of a fabric and 0.5 TOG is perfect for tropical climates where it is warmer in the day, and cooler at night especially when the air-conditioner is turned on.

Our sleep sacks not only keeps your little one safe and warm while sleeping, we have also added extra legroom to allow them to move comfortably and stretch all night. We have also made sure that we designed our sleep sacks to be nice and roomy so as to allow your little one's hip to move without any restrictions allowing for a healthy and proper hip development.

Our sleep sack also comes with a dual zipper which makes it very convenient for diaper changes through the night and the zipper guard at the neckline gives the added protection to your little one’s delicate skin. The sleeveless design allows for air flow and prevents your little one from overheating.


As mothers, we are committed to ensure sleep safety and the most blissful night’s rest for you, your family and your little one. Try our sleep sacks today!


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